We All Loved Cowboys

We All Loved Cowboys, by Carol Bensimon (Transit Books, 2018)

Translated from the Portuguese by Beth Fowler

Two old friends reunite to embark on the road trip they dreamed of as girls. As they drive round Brazil’s southern states, encountering new people and places as well as old haunts, they find they must revisit episodes from the past in order to make sense of their complicated relationship and work out whether it has any future.

Ten Women

Ten Women, by Marcela Serrano (Amazon Crossing, 2014)

Translated from the Spanish by Beth Fowler

Nine Chilean women with very different backgrounds and experiences are brought together by a tenth woman, Natasha, in a group therapy session. Touching on themes such as sexual identity, abuse, politics and ageing, each woman has a chance to tell her story in the hope that by sharing their problems and pain, they can start to heal.


Paradises, by Iosi Havilio (And Other Stories, 2013)

Translated from the Spanish by Beth Fowler

In this sequel to Open Door, the story moves back from the hazy languor of the Pampas to the bustle of Buenos Aires. Now with her four-year-old son in tow, passive and unemotional as ever, the nameless protagonist finds herself in a squalid world of underground bunkers, squats and drug dealers, head lice and reptiles.